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A kidney function test is commonly referred to as the KFT test. Using this test, we can identify whether or not our kidneys are functioning properly. Costs of KFT tests can range from Rs 450 to Rs 800, depending on the number of parameters and the diagnostic centre.

The kidneys are located in the lower abdomen. In the human body, the kidney’s primary function is to filter waste from the blood and maintain fluid & electrolyte balance.

How Does a Kidney Function Test Work?

This is a panel of tests to determine if the kidneys are functioning properly. In order to determine the health of the kidneys, the test includes many parameters.

Generally, a KFT test is performed on a blood sample, but sometimes a urine sample is also tested. Urine samples are rarely tested. In cases where the doctor is concerned about a kidney problem, a urine sample test will be recommended.

Why Is a Kidney Function Test Necessary?

As a result of lifestyle changes, kidney disease is also on the rise. It is estimated that 17 out of 100 Indians are at risk of kidney problems. In addition to smoking, medicines, excessive salt consumption, and a lack of water consumption, kidney-related issues are a major cause of concern among the Indian population. Doctors typically recommend this test during illnesses such as fever, weakness, hypertension, and high blood pressure.

KFT Test for Specific Kidney Problems

A kidney function test may be performed if there is a suspicion of kidney disease. Kidney disorders are characterised by the following symptoms:

  • Urination difficulties or pain during urination
  • The need to urinate frequently, especially at night
  • Blood in urine
  • Experiencing Fatigue: The kidney contributes significantly to the production of red blood cells, which, in turn, results in less oxygen being available.
  • High blood pressure
  • Fluid accumulation in the body, especially in the hands or feet.
  • It is possible for blood waste to build up in the stomach, causing regular stomach upsets.
  • If you experience itching, chest pain, and breathing difficulties

KFT Test Preparation and Precautions

In general, a KFT test doesn’t require any preparation. Fasting may be required for a kidney function test. Depending on the components included in the test, fasting may be necessary.

KFT Test Procedure

This test is performed on a blood sample drawn from a patient’s vein. The blood collection technician or phlebotomist first cleans the spot with a disinfectant. It prevents bacteria from passing through the blood sample. Afterwards, a cuff may be wrapped around your forearm to highlight your veins. A blood sample will be taken, and a bandage will be applied to prevent infection.

What Is Included in A Kidney Function Test?

Our kidneys are responsible for removing waste from our bodies. The kidney function profile includes these tests that are vital to the health of the kidneys. The following tests are commonly included:-

  • Serum Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
  • Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (EGFR)
  • Other optional parameters:

Mineral tests may be included in kidney function tests, such as calcium, sodium, and chloride. Sometimes we do these tests as part of electrolyte profile testing. A patient may choose a Test Name profile from Path Care, which includes KFT & electrolyte tests in a single package.

Normal Ranges and Values for KFT Tests

There are several parameters that make up the kidney function test (KFT). Each parameter has a specific normal range. We suggest that interpretation of results should be left to a medical professional.

There are often correlations between results, and they need to be read alongside other tests, which can be better diagnosed by the doctor. Listed below are the normal ranges or values for reference purposes.

KFT Test Parameter Name


Normal Range














mL/min/1.73 m2

More Than 90













Risks associated with KFT tests

Kidney function tests (KFTs) are routine blood tests with low risks. Blood extraction with a syringe can, however, cause complications or infections in some cases.

Cost of KFT Test at Path Care India

The cost of the KFT test ranges from Rs 450 to Rs 800, depending upon the number of parameters included in the test.

However, we at Path Care, provide highly affordable prices and several discounts if you take our health packages.



KFT Test:

Rs. 450-600

KFT Test + Electrolyte Testing:

Rs. 800

However, most doctors prescribe tests related to various organs in the body. In some cases, these tests may be included as part of a health package, which can greatly reduce the cost.

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Here are 3 signs that you may be experiencing kidney failure

  • Fatigue and dizziness. A weakening kidney can lead to overall weakness in yourself and your overall health
  • Edema or swelling
  • Changes in urination

A blood test is the main test for kidney disease. Creatinine is a waste product that is measured in the blood. Your doctor calculates your kidneys’ ability to filter waste based on your blood test results, your age, size, gender, and ethnic group.

Certified nephrologists strictly recommend individuals who have to undergo kidney function tests to keep hydrating themselves. The sole reason is dehydration can decrease blood flow to the kidneys. Eventually, the levels of Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine increase because of dehydration.

Conducting both BUN and creatinine tests helps in measuring the amount of waste substance in the blood. The higher creatinine and BUN volumes imply that the kidneys are not functioning properly. 

When 85-90% of an individual’s kidneys stop functioning, they are no longer capable enough to keep the person alive. This critical condition is called kidney failure. Practically, kidney failure is not entirely curable. 

However, living a long life with the proper treatment is possible for a person with kidney failure. A lot of individuals with such an acute condition continue to do what they love doing and live life actively.

The loss of kidney function gradually is a clear indication of kidney failure. Individuals with an early kidney disorder may not be aware of any symptoms. However, symptoms start showing up with the worsening of kidney failure. Here are the typical symptoms:

  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Tiredness
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Poor Appetite
  • Anemia 

Healthy kidneys are instrumental in eradicating extra fluid and waste substances from the blood. Because of kidney failure, constant build-up of toxic elements and excess fluid takes place, which makes one feel ill to a great extent. 

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