The Worst Myth about Diabetes – A Guide

Diabetes Myths

A diabetes test is an essential part of diabetes care and its management. Nowadays, diabetes is a familiar word. But the symptoms of diabetes may vary from one person to another. The mechanisms involved in diabetes are also complex. 

It is common to come across myths if you have diabetes. Globally, diabetes is becoming increasingly prevalent, along with the misconceptions associated with it. A diagnosis of diabetes can be life-changing. 

However, the diagnosis can also be confusing because of the myths surrounding the disease. Commonly reported as myths, these misconceptions can be harmful to your mental health. It can even lead to an unfair stigma around the condition. 

You can quickly unearth a ton of information associated with diabetes. But not all of this information is true. To debunk myths, it is crucial to undergo a diabetes test at periodic intervals as advised by your doctor. Here are some myths surrounding diabetes that you should know.    

Diabetes Myths

No Need to Undergo a Diabetes Test Periodically 

It is essential to adhere to the instructions of your healthcare practitioner if you have diabetes. A proper diagnosis of blood sugar levels in periodic intervals is vital. Note that your healthcare provider may recommend blood glucose level testing five to ten times a day. You have to test blood glucose levels:

  • Before snacks and meals 
  • Before and after workouts 
  • Before going to bed 
  • When starting a new medication

If you have type 2 diabetes, your doctor may ask you to undergo tests periodically. The frequency of blood sugar tests will depend on the type of insulin you use. 

People with type 2 diabetes have to take insulin injections daily to control blood glucose levels. However, if you manage type 2 diabetes with non-insulin medications, there is no need to test your blood sugar daily.   

Eating Sugar Causes Diabetes 

Eating sugar doesn’t directly cause diabetes. But daily intake of a sugary diet can lead to obesity. Both obesity and a sugar-rich diet are the common risk factors for type 2 diabetes. A high-sugar diet contains a large number of calories. 

You can undergo a diabetes test to identify the number of sugar levels in your blood. Consumption of a diet rich in calories may put you at risk for developing complications related to diabetes.  

People with diabetes cannot Eat Diet Rich in Carbohydrates 

It is a popular misconception that people with diabetes cannot consume a diet rich in carbs. If you have diabetes, carbs aren’t your enemy. However, you should consider the type and quantity of carbs you’re consuming. Doctors typically recommend people with diabetes consume carbs that are low on the glycaemic index. Here is the list of carbs with a low glycaemic index. 

  • Whole grain bread 
  • Dried legumes and beans 
  • Low-starch vegetables 
  • Oatmeal 

People with diabetes should consume a diet that comprises balanced carbs. Adhering to the suggestions of a dietician will assist you in controlling your blood glucose levels. 

You can Cure Diabetes 

You may come across advertisements for products that claim to cure diabetes. However, in reality, diabetes is a chronic illness. You cannot cure diabetes with medications and surgical procedures. But you can successfully manage your condition with proper tests, dietary changes, and drugs. 

If you are suffering from diabetes, inquire about diabetes test cost. Patients may even achieve remission with the right treatment plan. For example, with type 2 diabetes, you can achieve longer durations of remission with the proper diet. In most cases, you should have an open and honest conversation with your physician to manage blood glucose levels.      

Diabetes causes Blindness and Amputations 

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness and also causes numerous amputations each year. But it is not necessary that diabetes will cause blindness and amputations in every individual. If you stick to your doctor’s recommendations, you can prevent complications. 

For instance, you should control weight, blood glucose levels, etc., to stay healthy. In addition, it is crucial to quit smoking to minimise the chances of complications. Amputations and blindness are highly preventable if you undergo diabetic health checks properly.   

You cannot Unwind with Wine 

Irrespective of the type of diabetes, you should be aware of diabetes test cost. Note that alcohol in moderation is not harmful to people with diabetes. You can always drink 5 ounces of wine daily, along with other dietary restrictions. 

Nowadays, health practitioners recommend that you monitor your blood glucose levels for twenty-four hours after drinking. People with diabetes should select beverages that are lower in carbs. You should also limit the consumption of drinks mixed with high sugar content. Drinks with high sugar content can cause your blood sugar levels to surge.     

Artificial Sweeteners are Safe and Healthy 

Sugar-free processed food items are available in every grocery store and supermarket. However, you should consult your doctor or the dietician before consuming any artificial sweeteners. Generic artificial sweeteners may contain a lot of carbs and calories. 

Certain types of artificial sweeteners may also impact insulin sensitivity. It will make it difficult for your body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. One should know about diabetes test cost to undergo a proper diagnosis.  

Fats hardly Matter to Diabetics 

Suffering from type 2 diabetes will increase your possibility of developing stroke and cardiac illnesses. Even if you have type 1 diabetes, you should avoid consuming fat-based food items. To decrease your chances of heart illnesses, try to cut down on trans fats. You should also refrain from consuming saturated fats. For instance, eating dairy products may result in a surge in blood sugar levels. 

People with Diabetes shouldn’t Participate in Sports 

You can draw inspiration from many athletes who are able to debunk this myth. People who have diabetes should work out regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, you should consider various factors before participating in professional sports or rigorous exercises. 

Diabetes can be a challenging health disorder. But with the correct nutritional facts, you can manage it effectively. If you have diabetes, undergo regular screening at Pathcare. Dr Khanna’s Pathcare labs is a chain of NABL-certified labs. Situated across northern India, these labs offer accurate testing. You can learn about the full body checkup cost by contacting Pathcare.  

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