Top 13 Thyroid symptoms in females: Do you need a thyroid test


The population of India is very prone to thyroid disorders. There are approximately 42 million thyroid patients in India. There are mainly two types of thyroid disorders: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. In India, one out of ten adults suffers from hypothyroidism. To effectively monitor thyroid hormone levels, it is important to catch thyroid disease early. This article tells you about the most common symptoms that women have so that you can find and treat thyroid problems early on. As part of this discussion, we will also discuss foods that thyroid patients should avoid.

Thyroid symptoms in females

An overexpressed or under-expressed thyroid hormone can cause thyroid irregularities. There is a great deal of difference between the symptoms in both cases. 

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in females

Hypothyroidism is characterized by decreased thyroid hormone production. Hypothyroidism affects about 1-2% of the world’s population. The percentage of females outweighs the percentage of males. Hypothyroidism symptoms vary according to the severity of hormone deficiency. In cases of under-expression of the thyroid gland, females exhibit the following symptoms.

  • Hair loss

Females suffering from hypothyroidism can experience unexpected and unexplained hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations. If the thyroid disorder is not treated, hair loss will continue. Once thyroid hormone levels are controlled, hair will begin to grow again

  • Fatigue

When the thyroid gland is underactive, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms. Throughout the day, you might feel exhausted. Your energy levels will drain very soon.

  • Constipation

It is common for hypothyroidism patients to experience constipation. In this situation, you pass stool less than three times a week. Many complications are associated with constipation, including incomplete evacuation, lower abdominal discomfort, rectal bleeding, hard or small stools, and more.

  • A rise in cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels can be caused by imbalanced thyroid hormone levels. Increasing cholesterol levels in your body can adversely affect your heart’s health. Therefore, fluctuations in thyroid hormone levels can affect the body’s basic metabolism.

  • Skin dryness

Hypothyroidism also leads to the drying of your skin as well as your hair. You may notice that your skin almost always remains dry irrespective of how much moisturiser you apply. This is an extremely common and noticeable symptom of hypothyroidism. 

  • Having a poor menstrual cycle

A fluctuation in thyroid hormone can disrupt the menstrual cycle. During this period, excessive, prolonged, or scanty flow can be caused by an underactive thyroid gland. It is one of the most unique symptoms of thyroid dysfunction in women.


  • Mental health problems

A low thyroid hormone level can also result in decreased concentration, focus, and a tendency to forget things. The poor academic performance of your daughter might be an indication of hypothyroidism if your teacher suddenly complains about her performance.

  • Goitre

A condition is known as goitre results from an enlargement of the thyroid gland in the neck area. Goitres are characterized by tiredness in the throat area, swelling in the front part of the neck, dizziness, and hoarseness. Do not hesitate to get your thyroid levels checked if you observe swelling in the neck region.

  • Trouble sleeping

Brain activity and metabolism are regulated by the thyroid gland. This means that fluctuating levels of thyroid hormone can affect your sleep pattern. If you have difficulty sleeping, or experience insomnia, you may need a thyroid test at Pathcare India in Delhi. 

  • Weight loss

The thyroid hormone level in your blood is highly correlated with weight fluctuations. Sudden and unexplained weight loss can occur when thyroid hormone levels rise. Sudden weight loss is an important marker for hyperthyroidism.

  • Feelings of anxiety and nervousness

A high level of thyroid hormone affects your mood abruptly. When thyroid levels are elevated, an individual may appear anxious, trembling, and nervous.

  • Experience hot flashes

A rise in thyroid hormones will also make your body more sensitive. Hyperthyroidism makes people more sensitive to heat. In such circumstances, you often complain about the heat and sweat all day.

  • Vision problems

Your eyes can also be affected by increased thyroid hormone levels. The condition can cause blurry or hazy vision and infection and irritation in the eyes. You should get your thyroid hormones tested if you frequently experience vision issues.

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