9 Reasons Why Regular Full Body Checkup Is Important For You

9 Reasons Why Regular Full Body Checkup Is Important For You

A full body checkup involves the analysis of your overall health. This is done by assessing the functioning of different organ systems and the levels of hormones, enzymes, and other factors. Any difference in the results of your checkup and the ideal results as per your age and gender indicates any deficiency of an important hormone or factor in your body and imbalance in the functioning of a particular system. This test can indicate some minor issues and detect major health issues at early stages.

With the increasing incidence of diseases nowadays at an unlikely age, regular full body checkups have become a necessity and a blessing. The advanced healthcare technology has made full body tests more efficient, reliable, and capable of detecting even minor deflections from the normal results. This can benefit you in numerous ways.

The following article aims to inform you about what a full body checkup involves, who should get it regularly, and why it is so beneficial.

What Does A Full Body Checkup Involve? 

A full body checkup involves a number of tests that, collectively, help the doctor to assess your overall health. For this, the doctor would take your blood and urine samples and perform x-rays and ultrasounds. Different hospitals offer different packages of this checkup, which differ in terms of the tests involved and the cost.

At Path Care India, the full body checkup package is highly affordable and involves the following tests:

  • Liver function test
  • Kidney function test
  • Lipid profile test
  • Thyroid profile test (ultra-sensitive)
  • Iron deficiency profile test
  • Vitamin B12 test
  • Vitamin D total test
  • Glucose (fasting) test
  • Glycosylated hemoglobin test
  • Total IgE test
  • Microalbumin/Creatinine ratio test
  • Amylase test
  • Peripheral smear examination
  • Microalbumin albumin test
  • C-reactive protein qualitative test
  • Rheumatoid factor qualitative test
  • Lipase test
  • Urine routine and microscopy test

Path Care India provides quick and accurate results to these tests. The doctor can examine your results and inform you about your health status.

Who Should Get A Full Body Checkup? 

Everyone should get regular full-body checkups. Considering the disease statistics, for people below 30 years of age, a full body checkup every 2 to 3 years is good. Those above 30 years of age should get checkups annually; after 50 years of age, checkups after every 6 months are recommended.

The following conditions make regular checkups necessary:

  • Compromised immune system
  • Family history of diseases
  • Frequent illness
  • Recent recovery from an injury or disease
  • Conditions like hypertension and diabetes
  • Old age

9 Reasons Why Regular Full Body Checkup Is Important For You

Why Are Full Body Checkups Important? 

Full body checkups offer numerous benefits. And considering the current hectic lifestyle, increasing pollution, and emotional and mental stress, they have become necessary. Here are the reasons why:

#1. Know Your Health Status

To know how healthy you are and what extra nutrition and care your body needs to be even better is undoubtedly a good thing. A full body checkup tells you about the levels of different hormones and compounds in your body and detects any deficiencies or abundance of nutrients you might have. This helps you in rearranging your diet and lifestyle to manage any abnormalities.

#2. Avoid The Consequences Of A Hectic Lifestyle

Busy days, sleepless nights, unhealthy diet, increasing pollution, stress, and sedentary lifestyle. More than one of these factors is a part of almost everyone’s lives. This has an undeniable effect on your health and often leads to the occurrence of serious diseases or conditions at an early age. Full body checkups can detect imbalances in your body’s functioning. You can work on improving them early on to avoid any serious consequences.

#3. Early Detection Of Fatal Diseases

Some diseases like cancer are often not detected until they have developed into serious stages. Adding this to the fact that there is no proven cure for them, they account for many deaths globally. Regular body checkups can help detect these diseases at an early stage. Cancer treatment through radiation therapy and chemotherapy is effective in the early stages.

#4. Quick Recovery

Early detection of diseases means you can take the necessary treatment before the condition gets worse. This ensures that your body will suffer less damage, and you will recover quickly.

#5. It Increases Your Lifespan

Any major disease does not happen overnight or due to a single factor. It results from several imbalances of nutrition and functioning in your body accumulated over time. With the help of full body checkups, you can keep the minor aspects of your health in check. This would lower the chances of any serious disease and naturally increase your lifespan by several years.

#6. Resolve Your Doubts

The human mind can be paranoid. Sometimes, a headache, a vascular spasm, or a general feeling of unwell can make you wonder if there is an issue. A full body checkup is a cost-effective way of resolving your doubts. In case of any issues, you can look after them early on. Or it might turn out your body just needs a vacation and de-stressing.

#7. Diseases In Your Family History

Are there any diseases or conditions that are prominent in your close family? If so, getting regular full body checkups with major attention to the early symptoms of that disease can help you a lot. This will help you regularly monitor your health status and take preventive measures if any such symptoms appear.

#8. Monitor Your Health Post-Recovery

Regular monitoring of your health is crucial if you have recovered from a recent injury or disease. It can help you know if your body is working efficiently. Some diseases, especially cancer, can appear again even after treatment and recovery. Regular health checkups can allow you to detect such cases early on and get the necessary treatment.

#9. Save Money In The Long Run

Treatments of some conditions and regular hospital visits can be stressful to both your mind and your budget. Full body checkups are highly affordable. Also, keeping your body working efficiently can prevent serious health conditions in the future. This can help you save money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

A full body checkup can monitor a wide spectrum of your health status. Between the increasingly busy lifestyle and mental stress, regularly checking up on your health can be a blessing. At Path Care India, we provide quick tests, accurate results, and consultation with an expert doctor about the test results, all at a highly affordable price.

Visit Path care india to get a full body checkup and gift yourself and your family a long and healthy life!

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