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Timely screening can help you in avoiding illnesses and with Pathcareindia Basic Allergy Package you can keep a track of your health in the best way because it provides best services at your doorstep.

Basic Allergy Test Package In Delhi

Allergy can be the primary stage of several crucial diseases. So, it should be treated as soon as possible. Individuals can get these problems at any stage of life for several reasons. Identifying the cause is necessary. 

Are you looking for an expert in treating your allergy? Come to Pathcare India today to get specialist advice. Please only go on medication after consulting a healthcare professional. Allergy is a critical problem; inappropriate treatment can lead to serious disorders. Before your health deteriorates, begin the treatment timely. Accurate reports will suggest adequate remedies for multiple issues. 

Consult the allergy expert and perform all the required tests. Pathcare India, the NABL Accredited clinic, offers an affordable Basic Allergy Package. The patients can quickly book testing here with a click. The test book number is 3201+. The recommended age group for tests at Pathcare should be between five and ninety-nine years. If your skin is experiencing any problems, without delay, consult the doctor. Pathcare is always available at the service of the people. 

Type of Allergy Test

The Allergy package from Pathcare India includes almost every Test necessary to determine the causes of skin problems. There can be different allergies. Some may give you red eyes, while some may lead to itching, inflammation, or rashes on the skin. Accordingly, the tests will vary. A few allergic reactions can also be fatal. Hence, immediate treatment is the first step to avoid life-threatening reactions. Anaphylactic shocks are infrequent conditions. It leads to low blood pressure, breathing troubles, and even narrow airways. 

The doctors will determine the required tests depending on the allergy symptoms and reactions. Always be specific about your medical history to obtain the correct treatment. It is the fundamental step in analyzing allergic conditions. 

Pathcare includes the following tests to determine the cause of the allergies;-

  • Intradermal Test– It is apt for detecting weaker reactions. The Test is conducted by injecting the allergen solution. 
  • Skin Scratch Test– When the results of the Skin Prick test are not as per desired, the need for this Test arises. It includes the application of some allergen on the skin after removing some skin. However, it is not frequently used as the patient can get some reactions after the skin scraping technique. 
  • Skin Prick Test– This is the most common and primary Test conducted. After applying the allergen solution to the skin, the expert will prick the skin with a lancet. The Test is recommended especially for determining food allergies. A lancet dipped in food is used for the purpose. You will test positive when the prick triggers the reaction and get some after-effects. 
  • Patch test– In case the symptoms take a longer time to show up, a Patch test is ideal. The allergen can detect whether you are having issues after using skin care products, jewellery, or medications. 
  • External application of Allergen- The specialists go for this Test when there are high chances of powerful reactions on the skin. Therefore, the Test involves rubbing the substance gently on your skin. An allergic person will come up with red skin within a maximum of 20 minutes after such an application. However, the duration to receive the results of the tests is longer than the Skin Prick tests. 

What is the cost of an Allergy Panel test?

The Allergy Test at Pathcare India will not cost you a fortune. The best part of this clinic is Time Screening. Therefore, you can avoid health disorders due to delays in correct treatment. It offers a range of Allergy Tests, along with the home test kit, at a standard rate of Rs. 950/-. 

However, presently, patients can opt for a brilliant discount offer. The organisation provides an attractive benefit of conducting all types of Allergy Tests under one Pathcare India Allergy Basic Package at only Rs. 699/-. 

If you have yet to consult any medical professional before coming to Pathcare, do not worry. Pathcare has the top medical professionals attached. This clinic renders the best pathological services in town. It ensures that you get in hand only accurate reports. The leading healthcare experts are the members of the Pathcare team. Therefore, they will prescribe the required tests only after proper diagnosis. 

Furthermore, you must know the Allergy Panel first to do the necessary tests. At Pathcare India, you have to visit the website and add the required test package to the cart. According to the test types, there will be parameters. You should be clear about the conditions necessary for each Test. However, Pathcare experts declare that no one has to fast before going for the Allergy Panel tests. 

The first step of the Allergy Test is getting an appointment with an expert and having the tests prescribed. Without any medical advice, Pathcare will not conduct the tests. Besides, males and females can come for the tests at the same price. The Allergy Test Panel involves 24 parameters and two segments of tests viz. 

  • Complete Hemogram (It includes blood tests to examine the Blood Absolute lymphocyte or monocyte count, Platelet counts, and many more.)
  • IgE Total Antibody (It includes examining the presence of antibodies within the cells from the blood tests)

The costs of doing allergy tests are quite high in India. Therefore, to simplify the situation and support ordinary people, Pathcare keeps a package with reasonable rates. Along with the prescribed tests, you may also go for the Full Body checkup. The prices will not be extremely high. You may take expert advice after the reports come out. They are swift and do not keep you waiting for days. 

Why choose Pathcare India?

Pathcare India conducts all types of blood tests under one roof. Therefore, you can skip jumping from one center to another to complete different tests. We allow you to do at-home testing too. Just opt for the tests and place an order for the At-home kit. This is one of the best options a pathological lab can provide for your convenience. 

Although hundreds of path labs exist in different corners of India, many make false claims. However, you will never get an incomplete or incorrect report at Pathcare India. The motive for opening branches in several districts and cities of India is to help more people. It consists of all the latest equipment to conduct every type of Test. On request, quick support is also available. The staff also takes care of the children as you take them for the tests. 

Pathcare India offers

  • Full Body Checkup
  • Thyroid Test
  • Lipid Test
  • Basic Package for Allergy
  • Tests for Diabetes
  • Free sample collection
  • 24/7 online support
  • Online test booking
  • Doorstep testing 
  • Report within 48 hours
  • Affordable rates
  • Online chat with Doctor
  • Instant expert consultation
  • Branches available locally
  • Separate chamber for adults and children
  • Hygiene maintenance
  • Precautions for the post-COVID period
  • Safe and sound allergy tests
  • Trained nurses 
  • Latest automated equipment for testing
  • Accurate reports

We are the fastest-growing path labs in India. To date, our organization has served over 20 million patients. We keep customer satisfaction as the priority in all cases. A lot of things depend on the results of the blood tests. So, we give a complete focus on the accuracy of reports. Your health is the only thing we care about. You have support from our executives regarding any health problems or test-related queries. 

Our highly educated and well-trained staff know the correct methods of conducting the tests. Therefore, you will not feel any issues while going through the processes. Get all these benefits in one place now in India. If you are suffering from any allergic condition, consult your physician today. Pathcare India is there to give you the correct results for your skin conditions. 


Allergy can be life-threatening if not treated on time. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with skin diseases, it is better to undergo immediate testing. Symptoms such as skin rashes, inflammation, stomachache, acne, and hair loss may prompt a doctor to suggest an allergy test. The patient must follow all the instructions and never ignore the tests. 

Pathcare India brings affordable packages to cover most tests in one go. It acts as a one-stop solution for hundreds of Indians. Even if you are bedridden, you can get the Test done from this well-equipped clinic. Separate test kids for home are available. Phone booking or online booking options are there. So, your appointment for blood tests will be effortless now. The staff only takes the necessary amounts to do the tests at home. Pathcare gives you all the privileges to ensure fast and accurate allergy testing. 

You can choose some other test as well along with the Basic Allergy Package. However, a doctor’s recommendation is needed when you express your wish for them. Only 48 hours is the maximum time to receive the reports. You will get an email and a phone call from the clinic after the report is ready. The reports are readily available online or mailed by post. However, you may also go for physical delivery and collect the report from the clinic itself. 

Now Dial the registered number and book your Test today. 

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi
Covid Safety
Covid Safety

Parameter Included:

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

FREE Sample Collection

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Test booked so far: 3201+

Report Time: 48 Hours

Fasting Time:Not required

Test Recommended for: Male, Female

Recommended for age: 5-99 Years

Test Details (Parameters included : 24)

Absolute Basophils Count, Blood Absolute Eosinophil Count, Blood Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Blood Absolute Monocyte Count, Blood Absolute Neutrophil Count, Blood ESR Automated Hemoglobin Hb MCH MCHC MCV MPV Mean Platelet Volume PCV Haematocrit PDW Platelet Distribution Width Platelet Count Thrombocyte count WBC-Total Counts Leucocytes RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width) Neutrophils Eosinophils Lymphocytes Monocytes Basophils RDW-CV PCT

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