Path Care Labs

Path Care labs are one of the country’s fastest-growing health test services, which is a one-stop destination for all your diagnostic needs with unmatched care and comfort. It is headed and supervised by highly skilled doctors with dynamic technocrats in the field of pathology and medicine.

Our aim is to make health tests reachable to all through a perfect fusion of technology, skilled staff, and affordability.

Path Care Labs is a state-of-art diagnostic lab equipped with the latest and automated equipment and accessories which ensure quick results with the most accurate results.

  • For complete body checkups including all blood and urine tests for thyroid, vitamins, minerals proteins, enzymes, hormones, and sugar.
  • Affordable and advanced health packages:
    1.   Cardiac package.
    2.  Arthritis package.
    3.   Diabetes package
    4.   Complete health package.
    5.   Basic health check-up package.
We facilitate an accurate diagnosis and treatment by helping the doctors and patients with correct diagnostic results for different medical conditions.
  1. Most ethical and trusted.
  2. Thousands of delighted customers.
  3. Most talented team.
  4. Strict hygiene and infection control norms.
  5. Ultra-modern technology and equipment.
  6. Pocket-friendly cost structures.
  7. Quick and accurate results.


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