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Prevention is better than cure. With the help of Annual Health Maintenance, get screened for various diseases. This is an at-home annual health checkup which covers 58 parameters, all of which will help you take preventive steps in advance. Tests like Lipid, Liver, Hemogram, Kidney, Blood Glucose and Vitamin are included in this preventive screening test. Free Doctors and Dietitian consultation is also offered.

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi
Covid Safety
Covid Safety

Parameter Included:

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

FREE Sample Collection

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Test booked so far: 745+

Report Time: 48 Hours

Fasting Time:Not required

Test Recommended for: Male, Female

Recommended for age: 5-99 Years

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What is Pathcare India Annual Health Check-up test?

Pathcare India Annual Health Check-up is an at-home screening test that can help keep your health in check. It provides a comprehensive overview of 58 parameters related to diseases, giving you insight into any risks present. This helps to catch issues early on, protecting you from far more serious problems down the road.

Pathcare India offers tests such as Lipid, Liver, Hemogram, Kidney, Blood Glucose, and Vitamin, all critical indicators for both physical and mental well-being. Free Doctors and Dietitian consultation is also available to give you expert advice towards staying healthy throughout the year. Prevention is better than cure, so avail Pathcare India’s Annual Health Check-up today and ensure that your health remains a top priority!

What are the benefits of the Pathcare India Annual Health Check-up test?

  • Pathcare India Annual Health Check test offers many benefits and advantages that are designed to make sure that your health is in the best condition
  • Pathcare India offers a comprehensive report to identify any risk factors or potential pre-existing medical conditions that may not have been detected by our primary healthcare providers
  • This test assesses the overall wellness of an individual with its thorough examination, including vital signs, body measurements, cholesterol level, sugar levels, liver function tests, and more. Pathcare India also provides convenient home-based sample collection support for customers
  • Pathcare India ensures that people have easy access to affordable healthcare systems and receive advice on what steps to take in order to maintain their overall health and well-being.
  • As a leader in the industry, Pathcare India continues to provide the most up-to-date resources in the field of predictive analytics through its robust screening technology, and knowledgeable customer support staff
  • Free Doctors and dietitian consultations are also offered.

Who can opt for the test?

Pathcare India’s Annual Health Check test can greatly benefit various people. Whether you are a student, a senior citizen, or an employer, Pathcare’s comprehensive screening system can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your health is being monitored. This comprehensive health check-up allows individuals to get the most detailed look into their overall well-being. It also serves as a preventative measure against any potential illnesses lurking below the surface.

Pathcare’s tests cover all sorts of routine screenings, such as blood sugar levels, liver function tests, cholesterol levels, risk factors for cancer, and more. The affordability and accuracy of Pathcare India’s Annual Health Check test make it an ideal choice for everyone’s annual physical check-up.

Test Parameters: This test measures a total of 58 parameters, which are categorized as:

  • Liver Function Test (includes 10 tests)
  • Kidney Function Test (includes 8 tests)
  • THYROID PROFILE (Ultra Sensitive)
  • Urine Routine & Microscopy (includes 15 tests)

Cost of Drugs of Annual Health Check test?

Pathcare Diagnostic is offering a reliable and precise Annual Health Check test at an affordable cost of Rs. 1145/-. Get access to accurate results and gain greater insight into your health today!

Procedure for test

At Pathcare India, for this test, simple blood and urine samples are required for the proper evaluation of 58 parameters. This non-invasive procedure involves collecting a sample of the patient’s blood and urine for evaluation by our experienced medical staff/phlebotomist. We also offer a free home collection facility, which is included in the test package. The test reports will be available within 48 hours of sample collection.

Test Details (Parameters included :24)

Total Bill,Direct Bill,Indirect Bill, Total protien,Albumin,Globulin,A/G Ratio Sgot,Sgpt,Alkaline phosphate
Urea,Creatinine,Uric Acid,Sodium,Potatium,Chloride,Calcium,Phosphorus
Cholesterol-Total, Serum HDL Cholesterol Direct LDL Cholesterol -Direct Triglycerides, Serum Non – HDL Cholesterol, Serum VLDL LDL/HDL RATIO CHOL/HDL RATIO HDL / LDL Cholesterol Ratio
T3, Total Tri Iodothyronine T4, Total Thyroxine TSH Ultra – sensitive

Colour,Appearance,ph,Speciphic Gravity,Glucose,Albumin,Urobilinogen,Bilirubin,Ketone,Wbc,Rbc,Epithelial cell,Cast,Crystals

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