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Timely screening can help you in avoiding illnesses and with Pathcareindia Basic Preventive Package you can keep a track of your health in the best way because it provides best services at your doorstep.

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi
Covid Safety
Covid Safety

Parameter Included:

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

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Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Test booked so far: 745+

Report Time: 48 Hours

Fasting Time:Not required

Test Recommended for: Male, Female

Recommended for age: 5-99 Years

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At Pathcare Labs in Delhi, we offer a comprehensive range of preventive healthcare packages. Early screening and identification of illnesses are essential to avoid likely health risks. With our preventive healthcare packages, your medical practitioner can offer the proper treatment.

A preventive health check-up is a set of lab tests that help assess health. It determines your risks for developing illnesses. Our preventative health check-up program helps you avoid illnesses by taking the requisite precautions timely.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people often forget to take good care of their health. Therefore, chronic illnesses are increasing at a rapid pace. Irrespective of your gender and occupation, you should book an appointment at our centre for a preventive health check-up.

When there is a quick response to illnesses at an early stage, you will have a better chance to recuperate. Your healthcare practitioner will decide the frequency at which you need to undergo preventive health check-ups. To know more about our preventive health check-up packages, consult with us.

The Benefits of Undergoing Preventive Health Check-ups at our Centre

At Pathcare Labs, we always recommend people opt for timely preventive health check-ups. Here are some of the advantages of undergoing a preventive health check-up at our centre.

  • By undergoing a regular check-up, you can assess your health parameters properly.
  • Preventive healthcare packages of Pathcare Labs are designed to detect life-threatening illnesses at an early stage.
  • By undergoing preventive health screenings, you can decrease the risks of surgeries and complications.
  • It increases the overall possibility of cure and treatment
  • Preventive health check-ups may help doctors in diagnosing illnesses early.
  • Over time, it drastically decreases the total costs associated with quality medical care

What’s Included in our Preventive Health Screening Tests?

We offer comprehensive preventive health screening packages in Delhi. Here are some of the essential components of our preventive health screening packages.

  • Complete hemogram test
  • Blood glucose fasting
  • Liver function test
  • Lipid profile
  • Kidney function test
  • Thyroid
  • HbA1c

One of the key highlights of preventive health screening at Pathcare Labs is that we cover more than 50 parameters. But note that there may be other tests included in the check-up. It depends on your age, medical conditions, and certain risk factors.

Which Preventive Health Screenings are Good?

Your healthcare practitioner is the best person to help you select the best preventive health screening test. But the routine tests include analysing cholesterol and blood sugar. Increasing blood sugar and cholesterol levels can lead to severe health complications.

People are now pre-emptively seeking healthcare advice on how to live healthily. With our preventive health screening tests, you can stay healthy.

Our preventive tests can also help you seek cost-effective medical care. Our preventive health check-ups are designed by considering the risk profile of the illness. We have packages related to preventive health check-ups that are right for you.

Test Details (Parameters included : 24)

Total Bill,Direct Bill,Indirect Bill, Total protien,Albumin,Globulin,A/G Ratio Sgot,Sgpt,Alkaline phosphate

Cholestrol,Triglycerides,Hdl,Ldl,Vldl,Ldl/Hdl Ratio, Cholestrol/Hdl Ratio

Absolute Basophils Count, Blood
Absolute Eosinophil Count, Blood
Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Blood
Absolute Monocyte Count, Blood
Absolute Neutrophil Count, Blood
ESR Automated
Hemoglobin Hb
MPV Mean Platelet Volume
PCV Haematocrit
PDW Platelet Distribution Width
Platelet Count Thrombocyte count
WBC-Total Counts Leucocytes
RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width)

Urea,Creatinine,Uric Acid,Sodium,Potatium,Chloride,Calcium,Phosphorus

Blood Glucose Fasting

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