Pathcareindia Health Special Package

Parameters  24 tests

Pathcare Price :

1,380.004,000.00 (-66%)

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Our most popular Pathcareindia Health Special Package for vitamin deficiencies and inflammations such as Vit D3, Vit B12, that could indicate your overall well-being. The lack of Vitamin-D especially in the era of work from home culture can have a negative impact on your health. Timely screening can help you in avoiding illnesses and with Pathcareindia’s Advance Health Package you can keep a track of your health in the best way because it provides best services at your doorstep with 87 parameters.

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi
Covid Safety
Covid Safety

Parameter Included:

Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

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Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

Test booked so far: 745+

Report Time: 48 Hours

Fasting Time:Not required

Test Recommended for: Male, Female

Recommended for age: 5-99 Years

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Modern lifestyle has become so inundated with unhealthy practices that preventing illnesses is a fundamental challenge. At Pathcare Labs in Delhi, we offer all-inclusive health special packages that safeguard your health. These packages are suitable for your whole family.

With PathcareIndia Health Special Package, you will have the best chance of detecting illnesses at an earlier stage. It will be easier to avoid complications with our comprehensive health packages. Moreover, preventive health is gaining impetus among people after COVID-19.

Our health packages can help with preventive care. With preventive care, you can decrease the financial burden of healthcare. It will be easier to recognise potential health issues before they become critical. Seek an appointment with us to discover how our health check-up packages are the key to living a healthier life.

The Integral Components of our Health Special Package in Delhi

An unhealthy lifestyle and stress can gradually take a toll on our well-being. To detect masked illnesses, you need to undergo a comprehensive check-up.

Pathcare Labs in Delhi offers all-inclusive packages that help with the proper detection of diseases. Our extensive range of tests checks the condition of your liver, heart, kidneys, thyroid, etc. Here are some of the integral components of our health package in Delhi.

  • Urine Routine and Microscopy- It includes 12 tests
  • Total Thyroid Profile- It contains 3 tests
  • Vitamin Profile- It has 3 tests
  • Peripheral Smear Examination
  • Calcium
  • Diabetes Screening- It consists of 2 tests
  • Complete Blood Count- It contains 21 tests
  • Basic Iron Studies- It contains 4 tests
  • Liver function test- It includes 11 tests
  • C-Reactive Protein Quantitative
  • Kidney Function Test with Electrolytes- It has 6 tests.

Selecting a preventive health check-up allows you to stay ahead of a medical issue. Contact us to know how we can help you stay safe from chronic illnesses.

Things you should Consider while Visiting our Centre for Screenings

At Pathcare Labs, we always strive to offer our clients complete information. Here are certain things you should consider while visiting our centre for screenings.

  • Most of the tests mentioned above require you to be on an empty stomach
  • It is essential to wear loose and comfortable clothes during the screenings
  • These tests take time. Therefore you should plan your day accordingly
  • Inform us if you’ve any type of implants
  • Try to commit to regular screenings.

Why should you Select Pathcare Labs for Health Screening Tests?

Pathcare Labs is a state-of-the-art facility offering the highest quality diagnostic services in Delhi. We are a NABL-accredited diagnostic centre. We pride ourselves on the following aspects:

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Best and affordable prices
  • Fast turnaround time

With our health screening test, you can now stay updated with the changes that your body undergoes. Early detection is one of the significant advantages of whole-body health screening. Improve your overall quality of life with Pathcare Labs. Book an appointment with us to discover our health screening packages.

Test Details (Parameters included :24)

Total Bill,Direct Bill,Indirect Bill, Total protien,Albumin,Globulin,A/G Ratio Sgot,Sgpt,Alkaline phosphate

Urea,Creatinine,Uric Acid,Sodium,Potatium,Chloride,Calcium,Phosphorus
Cholesterol-Total, Serum HDL Cholesterol Direct LDL Cholesterol -Direct Triglycerides, Serum Non – HDL Cholesterol, Serum VLDL LDL/HDL RATIO CHOL/HDL RATIO HDL / LDL Cholesterol Ratio
T3, Total Tri Iodothyronine T4, Total Thyroxine TSH Ultra – sensitive
Sodium ,potassium ,Chloride

Vitamin D ,25 hydroxy

Vitamin B12
Colour,Appearance,ph,Speciphic Gravity,Glucose,Albumin,Urobilinogen,Bilirubin,Ketone,Wbc,Rbc,Epithelial cell,Cast,Crystals

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