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After post-covid, most individuals do gain some immunity which prevent chances of reinfection. However, it’s still not conclusive as to how long immunity can last. Reinfection cases have been documented as well. More so, for people who are in the high-risk category, or are old, taking preventive measures to further protect immunity can be quite helpful. Hence, it is important to not take post covid infection lightly.
After recovering from infection, it is important to go through certain tests if you are having or had any severe form of Covid-19. This is why health professionals are suggesting going for a post covid health checkup. Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare has introduced a new package Pathcareindia Post COVID Health Checkup which is tailored to monitor vital parameters for a safe and total recovery.

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

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Covid Safety
Covid Safety

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Best Pathology Lab in Delhi

Test Recommended for:Male, Female

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Test Recommended for: Male, Female

Recommended for age: 5-99 Years

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In these times of uncertainty, the only way to be sure of our health is to undergo extensive screenings. Though the vaccination drives and recovery rates are promising, you cannot take your health lightly. If you have had COVID, the best way to stay fit is to undergo extensive testing.

PathcareIndia Post-COVID Health Check-up comprises a set of tests that help you fight complications. It typically takes two weeks for a COVID-19 patient suffering from mild infections to recover properly.

On the other hand, it takes a month for a seriously infected COVID-19 patient to resume everyday activities.

One of the best ways to stay healthy post-COVID is by undergoing extensive testing. At Pathcare Labs, we offer comprehensive diagnostic tests that help you tackle the challenges of COVID effectively. To discover more about our health screening packages, consult with us.

The Tests Included in our COVID Health Check-up Package

If you or your dear one is suffering from COVID, extensive testing is the only way to stay safe. Nowadays, even doctors emphasise the need to undergo comprehensive testing. Our full-body check-up with COVID IgG antibody test can offer 360-degree insight into your overall health. Here are the tests included in our health check-up package.

  • Lipid profile
  • Liver function test
  • Thyroid profile total
  • Complete hemogram
  • HbA1c
  • Blood glucose fasting
  • COVID-19 Antibody IgG
  • Vitamin D Total Hydroxy
  • Iron studies
  • CBC

All these tests play a crucial role in ensuring your well-being when you’re suffering from COVID. These health screening tests help in offering critical insights about your body.

Tests Included in our Post-COVID Package

Here are some of the tests that are a part of our post-COVID health screening package.

  • Creatine Kinase

The Creatine Kinase test, also known as the CK test, can measure the creatinine macro-enzymes in your bloodstream. The macro-enzymes are present in your skeletal muscles. It is an important test that you should undergo post-COVID.

  • Kidney Function Test

The kidney function test analyses the function of the kidneys. It is a type of blood test that diagnoses the complication in your kidneys. It can also screen people at risk for developing complications.

  • Liver Function Test

It is a test that analyses the function of the liver. COVID can severely affect the functioning of your liver. This test will help in identifying the issues present within the liver.

  • IgG Antibody Test

The IgG antibody test is a quantitative diagnostic procedure used to detect COVID-19. A positive test indicates past exposure to COVID-19. A negative test result signifies the absence of COVID-19 antibodies. In other words, the immunity status cannot be established.

At Pathcare Labs, we ensure that each patient has access to accurate test results. The impact of the deadly virus on vital organs can have devastating effects. We are a NABL-accredited lab and offer a faster turnaround time. For more details, consult with us.

Test Details (Parameters included : 24)

Total Bill,Direct Bill,Indirect Bill, Total protien,Albumin,Globulin,A/G Ratio Sgot,Sgpt,Alkaline phosphate
Urea,Creatinine,Uric Acid,Sodium,Potatium,Chloride,Calsium,Phosphorus
Lactate Dehyderogenase, Serum
C- Reactive Protein Quantitative

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Covid Antibody IgG (Quantitative)
Creatine Kinase total

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